mercredi 29 octobre 2008


This morning, the house was empty. The park was misty and it was very cold outside. I started to tidy my clothes, I put a pretty tablecoth on the table and I prepared a coloured breakfast to contrast with the grey/white of the sky (and because I was hungry and upset after the bad news of the morning).

I've to say that book is GREAT.

Yum yum!!

To be continued...

It's the name of the piece of theater we've been applaud saturday evening at Le Café de la Gare. The place was very nice, there was danse courses all around.

We've taken our tickets and went to this place for a drink.

Around 6.30pm, after a short queue, we've been in...

The piece was very funny for people who watched american series...

The night was there when we went out and Beaubourg had beautiful light.

We've been in this nice bistrot for diner...

Then we walked, looking for a nice place for the end of the night. The walls of the buildings were pretty...

lundi 20 octobre 2008

A Saturday afternoon with my friend Pierre

This is the kind of thing I love with Paris. Very unusual, an Imperial bus in the Marais. Apparently it was for a wedding...

I had an appointment with Pierre around noon just before the Mac Donald's of la place de la Republique. We were hungry but we've prefered to go to the Japanese of le Marché des Enfants Rouges, better and healthier. It's at ten meters of my office but it was nice to come here not for work.

Fried chicken with soja & leek sauce for him.

Cod's croquettes for me.

The old pictures shop sale some photography at 1€.

I can't remember the name of this tiny street but it was pretty.

Oi Oi!

Ok, mea culpa, again.
I did nothing for a while, well, here. Because (same excuse), in the real life I was pretty busy. We were in the parisian fashion week. And after there has been the salon...


Italian Vogue Italien for the collection of the last season.

Noémie Merlant, model & actress.

The weather's colour dress.

The brides on the doormat.

A Grace.

So? Menace or not?

lundi 6 octobre 2008

Manish Arora

Tomorrow, it'll be a week I went to this pretty show, colourful and it was like being in a fairy tale. I can't show you my memories but you'll get an idea with these pictures...