mercredi 13 août 2008

Family Portrait

It's a bit unusual... Generally, we take pictures with them, but today, they are my models...

Papi Milou & Edith.


The polaroid without name.

Because their name are the name of their first owner. And for the last one, it's mine, so I'm looking for a name, any ideas?
And I didn't present the real photographer of these pictures. It's my daily one, the one I use every day, because it's a digital, so it's the cheapest. But I love it.

Voilà for the presentations, I'll tell you more about them later...

samedi 9 août 2008

Ce matin, un lapin... (french nursery rhyme)

Anyway, it's absolutely not about a rabbit and it wasn't this morning there's four days ago,  the sky was... 
Enfin voilà! The kind of things which deserve to get up at 5am. 

jeudi 7 août 2008


Why did I call this blog "the Parrot"? Because as a young woman, I'd like to believe we can still have new ideas but it's been a while I have only seen copies.

So, since I don't think I'm better than another, I'm going to copy too, hoping I'll have a new idea.

I apologize for my english, I know it's not perfect but I would love a majority of people to be able to read this blog. It's not about perfect grammar. Thank you.